Welcome to the Ball State University
Department of History!


For our official site and more information about Ball State University please visit us at www.bsu.edu/history

As you explore our website and blog, feel free to add your comments and perspectives to the discussion. Our department has a strong and innovative teacher education program that also has deep roots in the university’s history dating back almost a century, as well as a public history program that connects students to the job opportunities that are possible with a degree in history.  Students also have the option of a curriculum focused specifically on preparing them for graduate school.  We also offer a challenging Master of Arts in History degree with a newly designed digital track; graduates from our department often continue their studies at excellent PhD programs around the country.

Our faculty also actively pursue research opportunities in their areas of interest, and mentor both undergraduate and graduate students as they navigate through their college experience.

This blog is committed to reporting the projects, awards, and news of out students and faculty.  Thank you for your interest in our department, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Kevin Smith, Ph.D.
Chairperson of the Department of History