Call for Undergraduate Papers – History Matters

HISTORY MATTERS is a journal that offers undergraduates interested in history the unique opportunity to be acknowledged for their work.  Created by a history student who felt he had no outlet to publish his research, HISTORY MATTERS is dedicated to recognizing top student research from all historic fields, familiarizing students with the publishing process, and encouraging student-faculty collaboration.

In our mission to find the best undergraduate research, we publish about five percent of the papers submitted to the journal.  No paper is published without undergoing a thorough editorial process, which includes the input of distinguished professors from several history departments. Last year, we received 185 submissions from colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

We ask you to inform your students about this opportunity and encourage them to submit their research to the thirteenth issue of HISTORY MATTERS. This year we are changing our print volume and layout, and we hope that by receiving more submissions from your university the quality of the content will improve as well. Interested students should contact the editors

The deadline for submissions is January 29th, 2016, but we happily receive submissions as early as possible.

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