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HIST 446/546: History in the Digital Age, Professor Douglas Seefeldt, 9:00-9:50 am MWF Spring 2016
     Historians, especially those who engage with the public, are increasingly becoming dependent on digital tools for both research and communication. What does it mean to do history in the digital age? How have relationships among teachers, researchers, students, librarians, archivists, curators, and the general public changed because of digital technologies?
This course, open to any major, will explore these questions by blending the theoretical and practical to introduce students to the major themes and developments in digital history. Through lectures, discussions, labs, and a final digital project, students will address key challenges associated with living in the digital age while gaining practical skills and experience useful for considering the future of the past.

Digital History in Carmel, Monon Railroad History Tour
     The purpose of this class is to gather information and photos, create an app to explain how Carmel, Indiana grew from a small railroad crossing DH Carmelto a major Indiana city. Students show how the railroad that once passed through the town now plays a role in community identity and recreation. Students show community members how Carmel and the railroad tell the story of the greater Hamilton County experience.
You are Needed
People with skills in working with people, thinking, writing, and story telling are needed as well as Anthropology, Communications, Computer Science, English, Geography, History, Journalism, Natural Resources, Sociology, Telecommunication and related fields
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Contact: Ronald V. Morris, Ph.D., 765-285-8720, BB 205

You can help shape the future of history in Muncie!
Be Leaders in the Community
The purpose of this class is to listen to community leaders to determine what the Delaware County History Society is, does, should be, and could be. Your thoughts will create a future for this group.
You are Needed
People with skills in working with people, thinking, and writing are needed  as well as Anthropology, Business, Computer Science, Economics, English, Fashion Merchandizing, History, Marketing, Sociology, Telecommunication and related fields.
Apply Now:
Contact: Ronald V. Morris, Ph.D., 765-285-8720, BB 205


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