Clio: Feb 2, 2015

Alumni News

Dustin Mack, a graduate student at BSU in 2008-2010, went on to pursue a PhD in Native American history at the University of Oklahoma.  In December he successfully defended his dissertation and earned his doctorate.  “This would have never been possible without the education and support I received at BSU. Thank you for all you do, and for helping to make my dream a reality.” – Dustin Mack

Faculty News

Yaron Ayalon won a year-long fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities.  He is the only person from Ball State to win one of these fellowships this year.  Find out more from the NEH.  Congratulations, Dr. Ayalon!

Geelhoed Dragon Book

Bruce Geelhoed’s book, The Dragon and the Snake: An American Account of the Turmoil in China, 1976-1977, originally published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in 1986, was among a number of books republished in 2015 by the Press in commemoration of its 125th anniversary. Bruce’s co-author was Millicent Anne Gates, the widow of Thomas S. Gates, former secretary of defense in the Eisenhower Administration and presidential envoy to China in the Ford Administration. The book was republished in a hard-cover edition and also as an e-book, a form of publication that did not exist at the time of the book’s first publication in 1986.

Seefeldt Far Away BookWhat began as an invited lecture to speak to the faculty of Brigham Young University’s Religious Studies Center in Omaha, NE along the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail in the summer of 2012 has just been published! As the lead essay in this collection of twelve pieces, Doug Seefeldt traced the cartographic ideas of the Far West around the time of the Mormon exodus from Illinois to Utah in the mid-nineteenth century. The essay examines the significant works of cartography featuring the American West created just after the Lewis and Clark expedition through the constitution of the State of Deseret in 1849. These are the depictions of the region that Church leadership used to establish the stake of Zion, the settlement of the Great Basin, the proposed State of Deseret, the creation of Utah Territory, and eventually the state of Utah. Dr. Seefeldt is pleased to see it in print and hope that it is of use to those who study cartography, Mormon history, the American West, and United States history.

Arriving in his mailbox on the same day as the other volume, A Companion to Custer and the Little Bighorn Campaign Seefeldt Custer Bookcontains a long essay, “A National Monument,” that Dr. Seefeldt researched and wrote in collaboration with a former UNL graduate advisee Jason Heppler. This  is another examination of history and memory in an important landscape in the American West similar to his earlier journal articles on sites in New Mexico and Arizona. In addition to using traditional research methods, they also employed Digital Humanities text analysis tools to investigate the topics and rhetoric contained in two of the three editions of the official interpretive handbook for the Little Bighorn battlefield National Monument site. He hopes that students of the history of the United States, the American West, and History & Memory, along with those who are fascinated with the Native American experience and the mythic figure of George Armstrong Custer, will find this piece a welcome contribution to that voluminous historiography.

Ken Hall has been contracted to be the Southeast Asia editor of the Oxford University Press Online Research Encyclopedia in Asian History (OREAH), which will include contributed historical essays by leading international scholars, and completed within the next three years.

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