Clio: March 11, 2015

Current Student News:

Ariel Wagner is working with Chris Flook and his immersive project, Indiana Crossrails Project and had the opportunity to write an article for their blog: Equality on the Railroad.

Faculty News:

One of the immersive learning projects that Dr. Ron Morris has worked on, Yountsville Mill, has received attention from two local newspapers: Journal Review and The Paper of Montgomery County. They had the opening reception, Thursday, February 26th. Three teams of students worked on this project: one excavated the site of Yount’s Woolen Mill and Boarding House, another interpreted the artifacts, and the final designed the exhibit.

Sergei Zhuk published, “Modernity and Westernization in Soviet Ukraine:  A Role of the 1970s,” Perspectives on Europe, Autumn 2014, Vol. 44, No.2, 23-33:

Alumni News:

Dr. David Ulbrich is the Book Review Editor of the U.S. Military History Review.  It’s first issue was published for December 2014. He was also interviewed by Defense & Securite Internitionale, a French magazine with 130,000 subscribers in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and western Africa.

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