Clio: Oct 5, 2014

Dr. Nicole Etcheson wrote several articles for The New York Times, “The Thermopylae of the West,”  published on September 29, 2014; “Massacre at Centralia,” published on September 30, 2014; and “A Union Awash in Conspiracies,” published on October 8, 2014.

In October, Ken Hall presented an invited paper on “Commodity Flows, Diaspora Networking, and Borderless Spaces in the Eastern Indian Ocean c. 1000-1500” at the international “The Indian Ocean: History, Networks and Spaces of the Imagination” conference hosted by the University of Illinois Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.  He presented another invited paper on “Southeast Asia’s Deer and Deer Product Trade in Wider Indian Ocean Context” at a “Trade in Animals and Animal Products in the Indian Ocean World to 1900” international seminar hosted by the McGill University Indian Ocean World Centre in Montreal.

BSU History Department Alumni, Dr. Christopher Stroop was also interviewed due to his choice to work internationally in an article from the New Republic, “Is an Exodus of Ph.D.s Causing a Brain Drain in the U.S.?

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