Lucas Pint joins Department of History as New Academic Advisor

As scheduling for the spring session of 2017 begins, we at the Department of History find it fitting to formally introduce one of our newest faculty, Mr. Lucas Pint. Mr. Pint joins us in his new capacity as the academic advisor for the Anthropology, History, & Women and Gender Studies programs, each located with Burkhardt Building (BB). A local of the town of Binghampton, New York, in the southernmost reaches of the state, he received his Bachelor of Art Degree in History from Binghampton University. Mr. Pint subsequently attended Buffalo State College, SUNY (he’s a dedicated Buffalo Sabres fan, when not rooting for the New York Rangers or Islanders), and now holds a Master of Science in Student Personnel Administration. He is pleased to join the team of Upper Division Departmental Advisors here at Ball State, where you can find him assisting students primarily during the times of year he claims are his favorite of all: spring and fall!

dsc02608As an academic advisor, Mr. Pint finds it hard to identify the single-most rewarding aspect of his job. He reports the best parts of his occupation are connecting with students, listening to their stories, crafting strategies and action plans to solve their academic issues, and working collaboratively to compile a degree plan which reflects each advisee’s individual interests and goals. His advice to each of these students is to “take ownership and responsibility for your education.” How so? First, meet with your academic advisor ( and professors frequently during their office hours, don’t be afraid to ask for the academic help you need, and step out of your comfort zone, perhaps by involving yourself with university clubs, organizations, events, and activities.

Whenever outdoors, factor the inevitability of running into Mr. Pint at some point in time! In his new state of Indiana (the 5th state he’s called home), you can find him out exploring state parks, kayaking, snowmobiling, hiking, biking, camping, gardening, or attending music festivals and arts and cultural events. Each activity is a particular favorite of his, and appropriately so: he claims it impossible to imagine life without music, meditation, comedy – the movies Groundhog Day, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Pirates of the Caribbean “make the grade” here – or theatre.

If you’re a student of the Anthropology, History, or Women and Gender Studies programs, be sure to stop by and see your new in-house advisor soon, whether to discuss the impending semester, your overall academic goals, or maybe just hockey. He is happy to answer your questions by meeting in his office within the Burkhardt Building (BB), (room 223), by telephone, (765-285-8726), or by email (

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