History Students Help Create New App


There are many historic Civil War battlefields in the Western United States, but how many can claim to have an app developed by Ball State students?

As part of an immersive learning project, Ball State students worked to create an app for the Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site in Boyle County, Kentucky.  The integration of technology with historical knowledge is continuing to grow, and projects like this give Ball State students the opportunity to be a part of it first hand.  This project has also gotten the attention of local media with a story in kentucky.com.

The Battle of Perryville (or the Battle of Chaplin Halls) was the largest and bloodiest battle in Kentucky.  Farmers would return to their fields to find the bodies left where they had fallen in battle.  Zach Fivecoate’s stated, “Producing a mobile app about one of the most important battles in the western theater of the Civil War was an amazing historical learning experience,” he said. “Reading the blunt and direct quotes of the soldiers during the battle as well as those of local residents was a real learning experience.”

The app is not scheduled to be released until April 19th, and it will include troop movements and a soldier’s view of the battle.  If you are looking for something to do during your summer break, why not learn about Perryville, and see for yourself what other Ball State students are accomplishing!

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