Professor Seefeldt Awarded Harvard Fellowship

In an unexpected, but very welcome phone call to his office phone minutes before class last spring, Ball State University Department of History faculty member Douglas Seefeldt was informed that he had been awarded a research fellowship to Harvard University’s Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History for the 2014-15 academic year. Founded in 1965, the Charles Warren Center commemorates the distinguished lawyer and legal historian (Harvard class of 1889) through its mission to advance research in a broad range of American historical inquiry. The Warren Center has, over the nearly fifty years of its existence, brought hundreds of fellows to Harvard, of which Seefeldt is among the eight most recent to be so honored.

Joining Professor Seefeldt are new colleagues from Northeastern University, Columbia University, New York University, M.I.T., and Harvard University. Organized around a broad annual theme in American history, the IMG_04242014-15 theme is “Multimedia History and Literature: New Directions in Scholarly Design”.This is also the title of a year-long graduate seminar that the fellows participate in led by Harvard faculty Vincent Brown from the Department of History and African and African American Studies, and Glenda R. Carpio, from the Department of English and African American Studies. Professor Seefeldt will spend the year working on his Digital History research projects and aligned print publications, including “The Mountain Meadows Massacre in American Memory,” that combines an interactive scholarly work that is a hybrid of archival materials related to the 1857 event and digital tool components that help visualize historiographically significant concerns in local Mormon, Utah, and broader western and American histories.

Professor Seefeldt and his family have relocated to the Cambridge, MA area for the year and are learning their way around Boston via public transportation while enjoying a pleasant New England fall!

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