Twentieth Annual Student History Conference Presenters

Agenda for 20th Annual Student History Conference

The Department of History is proud to recognize the following Ball State students for their upcoming presentations for the Twentieth Annual Student History Conference. Congratulations on leading what are sure to be evocative and educational discussions on history!

The full conference agenda naming all participants can be downloaded by clicking the image to your right.

The New Right and the New Left during the “Long Sixties”

Austyn Brown “Testify: How Radical Native Americans Took the Government, Corporations, and Whites to Trial”

Kelsey Gordon “The Second-Wave Women’s Movement”

Allen Wiseley “A Brief Intellectual History of the New Right”

Gender and Sexuality in the 20th-Century United States

Jason Rose “’I’m proud to “flap” –I am!’: Flapper Self-Perception and Public-Opinion during the Jazz Age”

Noël Sucese “She’s Like a Rainbow: American Women, Tattoos and Agency in the Age of Counterculture”

Diaries of Everyday Life in Britain during the Two World Wars

Buddy Jones “A Boy Scout during World War I”

Andrew Michael “A Woman Munitions Worker during World War I”

Jessica Deckard-Mills “A Boy in the London ‘Blitz’ in World War II”

Roshni Brahmbhatt “A British Prisoner of War during World War II”

Perspectives on Deep History, Intellectual History, and Women’s History

Katy Evans “A Case for Deep History of Gender in Late Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Russia”

Frank Lacopo “Structuralism and History of the Mind: Theoretical Underpinnings and a High Medieval Case Study”

Maren Orchard “The History of Women’s History: Why it Matters”

New Social Histories of the 19th-Century United States

Chealsie Hampton “Reconstruction: Success and Failure in Religion, Politics, Economics, and Society”

Conner Smith “Marching to Zion: Jews in 19th-Century America”

The Future of the Past: The State of Local History at Indiana’s Bicentennial: A Roundtable Discussion by BSU students in Prof. Ron Morris’s Delaware County Historical Society Make-Over Immersion Course


Ashley Purvis, Alexis Robertson, and Gwen Stricker

Cold War Era Crises Viewed from the Bottom Up and the Top Down

Anna K. Muckenfuss “Four Dead in Ohio: Tragedy at Kent State”

Brendan White “The United Automobile Workers Local 287 and Its Agendas: The Role of Labor in the Community”

“Great White Men” Reconsidered in Legend, Farce, and Fact

Abby Busse “William Walker: ‘Gray-Eyed Man of Destiny’”

Bethannie Huffman “Arthur: King or Nice Guy with a Sword?”

Social Norms in Late Medieval England and the 20th-Century United States

Lexi Gribble “The Fascinating Economic Capabilities of Married Women in Late Medieval England”

Innovative Digital Histories of Indiana’s Natural and Cultural Resources

Braydon Fox “The Monon Route: Carmel Gets a Mobile Experience”

Anna M. Kinnen “Crossroads Connect for Third Grade”

Jenny Alvaro “Krider Gardens Mobile Experience”

Nick Siano “A New Look at the Canal Society of Indiana”

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