High School Students Visit the History Department

20140425_095550Many children are asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  As they get older and begin High School, the answer to the question becomes more pressing.  They will begin exploring the possibilities so that they can choose the best college and degree that is right for them.  In order to help her Freshmen and Sophomore high school students learn more about opportunities in social studies, Michelle Subler, a Social Studies teacher at Wes Del High School and Department of History Alumni, brought them to the Burkhardt Building to speak to some of our faculty.  Dr. Michael Doyle, Dr. Sarah Drake Brown, Dr. Nicole Etcheson, and Dr. Kevin Smith took some time to talk to the students about what historians and teachers do on a regular basis, and Dr. Steve Radil from the Department of Geography also visited with them to discuss with them the possibilities within Geography.

Dr. Etcheson focused on the skills that students of history acquire during the course of their studies, and Dr. Doyle discussed possible career opportunities for historians.  Dr. Drake Brown took a different approach and used her skills from Social Studies education to question the students.  She encouraged them to reflect on the skills that are required to be a good teacher.

Afterwards, Michelle let the faculty know about the strong impression they had left on her students.  Some remarked that they could have spent the whole day with these faculty members, and others made up their mind to pursue social studies education.  It says a lot about our faculty that they were able to spark the interests of high school students and motivate them to consider careers in these fields.

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