Why Choose Ball State?

Ball State University, it’s a mid-sized school, with about 16,000 to 20,000 students enrolled. Majors range from telecommunications and actuarial science to elementary education and public history- and everything in between. The campus itself has a diverse student and faculty population, with a variety of students from different backgrounds, communities, and locations.

Why should you come here? It sounds like any other school, right?


geelhoed-with-studentsThe education is phenomenal. The advisors here are very helpful and do everything in their power to make sure you graduate on time- and that you’re in the right major. The professors are very knowledgeable and make sure you walk away with a new understanding of how the world works. I will never forget about how the first day of class in EDMU 205, the professor wrote on the board to profile him- based upon how he appeared, we had to write down where we thought he was born, if he was married, how wealthy he was, etc. That was a major lesson in instinctual judgement on the basis of appearance.

Bruce Geelhoed, Professor of History, spending time with students during the annual Student History Conference sponsored by the Department of History.

Classes are rigorous in the best way- where you work yourself to the bone but are still able to smile because of your incredible accomplishments. Different speakers are always coming in, bringing outside perspectives and expertise from which to learn. There are tons of online classes and summer courses available in order to create a customized schedule. We even have a thriving Honors College, where Honors kids can sometimes be found banging pots and pans at 9 o’clock on a Monday morning while acting out Agamemnon. The classes are interesting, thought-provoking, and often fun! By the time you graduate, you are truly prepared for your career.

There are lots of organizations and activities on campus to enjoy. There are opportunities to play volleyball, soccer, basketball, or virtually any other sport in the Rec Center. We have a lively Greek community on campus, if Greek life is your thing. Most majors have their own clubs for students to make connections in their fields. There are many clubs for different demographics- various ethnicities and religions have their own groups you can join. You can partake in any of the several community service organizations – Dance Marathon, College Mentors for Kids, and ASTRA, to name a few- or shoot a bow with the Archery Club. We even have a thriving Quidditch team for the fervent Harry Potter fans. If there is an organization that you feel is missing and should exist, create it! It is easy to form a new group of like-minded students on campus! The possibilities for clubs and groups on campus are endless!

The campus itself is gorgeous. The bell tower at sunset is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. There are trees and greenery everywhere- it feels very open and inviting. It’s so easy to just sit in the Quad and read a book, or to set up a hammock behind the bell tower and take a nap. It’s very peaceful and serene.

bell tower

The aforementioned bell tower just before sunset.

However, those are not what makes Ball State so spectacular. Those reasons, while awesome, are not why I (and so many others) chose Ball State.

I chose Ball State because of the people.

In its purest sense, Ball State University is my home. I have been absolutely dumbstruck by the hospitality shown towards me since visitation day. I have felt welcomed since I first set foot on campus. Students who were headed to class offered to help me find different buildings. Upperclassmen showed me where the best spots to eat were, how to avoid rushes of people (especially during lunch), the secret spot under the bushes behind Benny, and how to cook popcorn without setting off the fire alarm. The students working at the front desk explained how the different buses work. The janitor on my floor let me use her personal vacuum when the one I borrowed would not work. There are so many examples of the people here going above and beyond common courtesy. We have a wonderful community of helpful and genuine people at Ball State. I have been so welcomed here by my professors, peers, and neighbors that it is impossible not to pay it forward.

So if you’re considering visiting or applying to Ball State University, go for it!

It will be the best choice you’ve ever made.

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